Upcoming This Week

Yeehaw y’all! The Rainmaker Rodeo is back! Running from May 26th to 28th, enjoy the rides, festivities, and rodeo. Come down to the Perron District on Saturday, May 27th for the Rainmaker Rodeo Parade, kick-off at 9:30am sharp! Bring chairs, snacks, and lots of cheers for our local floats. Dress for the weather and don’t forget the water and sunscreen! 

Check out the parade map on Google Maps here or visit the Rainmaker Rodeo Parade page

After the parade, go for a sweet visit to the Candy Bouquet! Your sweet tooth will love all the familiar, imported, and retro treats. With their wall-to-wall selection, there’s something sweet, sour, and colourful for everyone. Treat yourself!